Monique grew up in Arizona, and was physically active as long as she could remember. Her passion for movement drew her to dance and cheer.  She performed in local dance groups and as a professional cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals. Later on, Monique evolved from performing dance to teaching fitness and she started teaching dance, group exercise, and Pilates.

Monique is a certified Pilates instructor in three different methods, including Lagree Fitness. Her PCI Comprehensive Pilates training includes all apparatus equipment and Pilates Mat. Her past teaching experience includes the gamut of teaching Cardio Hip Hop, Bosu, Muscle to her current faves; Barre, Zumba and of course Pilates. As a consummate pupil, and 15 plus years of Pilates teaching experience, she has also increased her repertoire with many workshops and conferences. 

Get it all done! It’s Cardio, Pilates, Strength, Flexibility, Core, Challenge, Results, and Exhilaration all in One Workout! After teaching so many methods, how wonderful to have one method that encompasses it all, and allows me to use the creativity and knowledge of different styles to use in this method! This method is results orientated! Simply Amazing!!

I love people! I’m a fun loving, highly energetic trainer, who loves teaching, and I am passionate about it! I use visual, and hands on cueing, because I am all about technique, and technique helps you to get even better results! I also love music, so my music is energetic, and you may hear DJ House, Hip Hop, Top 40, and Techno. If you like choreography, this is the class for you. I look forward to creating new and challenging workouts for every class.  Most of all, I want to connect with each client and help them to achieve their goals and beyond!