Born and raised in Phoenix, Az. I served four years in the United States Navy and wrestled internationally for the All-Navy Wrestling Team. Upon finishing my four-year enlistment, I attended ASU where I also wrestled for 5 years. After my time at Arizona State, I became a full time Police Officer for the City of Casa Grande. I was a police officer for four years before I decided to go back to school and work closer to home. I have been a Senior Investigator for Uber, here in downtown Phoenix for the past 2 years. I am in my second year at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law – here downtown. I also compete internationally as a Mixed Martial Artist, and in Jiu Jitsu. I have been teaching on the Megaformer for 2 years. I have been married for 11.5 years and I have 3 children. I love life, fitness and family above all else.

As an athlete, I find the Megaformer to be a perfect blend of cardio conditioning and strength conditioning. It utilizes all muscle groups and focuses on the core area, which is important for all activities – even as simple as walking and bending over.

To put it plain and simple, the method works. It allows for muscular fatigue and extreme muscular contraction down to the microscopic level. It is also a great stress relief and great for therapy.

I help my clients accomplish their goals by first listening to their personal goals and results they desire from the megaformer. I show up with a positive attitude and a great music playlist! I incorporate an intense but fun routine for each class I teach. The body is in constant movement for 45 minutes and the client is in continuous focus on the particular muscle group for a set time limit. I like to coach and be a positive influence as each client is working through each routine and exercise block. I like to move around the room and give positive advice and compliment the client’s form.

What might set me a part, is that I personally train on the Megaformer – 3 times a week and am always thinking of new ideas and routines for my clients. I like to put myself through each workout, routine and exercise so that I can personally feel the affects that my clients will also be experiencing while training. I also like to train on the Megaformer with my clients to show true leadership and a “All Hands on Deck” approach to teamwork and effort.