Total Conditioning Science

MegaFit is a Licensed Lagree Fitness studio utilizing the Lagree Fitness method and our trainers are Lagree certified. The Lagree method is a low impact, efficient, cross training approach to strength training. The Lagree method by design, promotes balance throughout your total body by lengthening, strengthening and leaning out your body by slowly contracting muscles through the entire range of motion. The method stimulates the muscles to improve while preventing injury.

The Technology

At MegaFit, we use the Megaformer Black Edition which can only be used by a Lagree Licensed studio. The Megaformer is a spring based resistance trainer. The Megaformer has a moveable carriage, straps, and moveable bars in the front and back. Exercise performed will target abs, oblique’s, legs, glutes, hips, arms and back. MegaFit trainers have been certified on the use of the Megaformer by Lagree Fitness.

Principles of the Lagree Method

  • Progressive Overloading
  • Slow and Controlled Movement
  • Constant Tension
  • Multiple Muscle Group Recruitment to Muscle Failure

The Lagree method will focus on muscle strength.  Muscles will strengthen and grow when it is forced to operate outside of its comfort zone.

The workouts are about 45 minutes of total body workout. Each movement will last from 1 to 2 minutes, occasionally 3. Towards the end of the movement, your trainer will let you know about your next move. Movements have names, but don’t worry about that.  Your trainer will describe in detail your body position, the movement and what-where you should be feeling muscle stress. Upon finishing your movement, you will then make a quick transition to the next movement described by your trainer. Your trainer will observe your technique and make any correction and/or modification to the movement necessary. Although this is a group class, our trainers give you a “personal trainer” experience.