The Science

MegaFit is a licensed Lagree Fitness studio that offers the Mega Fast, MegaFit 45-minute full body workout that only a Megaformer and our certified instructors can offer.

This patented workout is high-intensity, low-impact that combines strength, cardo and endurance training that emphasizes resistance, range-of-motion and time under tension in order to activate the SLOW-TWITCH muscles fibers. Slow-twitch fibers are associated with endurance activities and are slower to fatigue.  Fast-twitch fibers are used with more explosive activities and are quickly fatigued.   Muscles with more slow-twitch fibers are longer and toned, while muscles with more fast-twitch fibers are short and bulky.  By activating your slow-twitch muscles, you will burn additional calories for up to 70 hours past workout.  A Lagree workout gives you real results you can see and fast unlike any other workout you have tried in the past.

Great thing about a Lagree total body workout is that it is for all ages and all stages of someone’s workout journey. Staying slow and in control is the name of the game!

MegaFit workouts help to keep you injury free and doing the things you love by using muscle memory and proper alignment to enhance joint stability

The Technology

It takes the Megaformer to get MegaFit, Megafast. Megaformers are only available at Lagree studios. Our studio offers the most advanced technology with our brand-new EVO Megaformers. The EVO has hover wheels that provides an ultra-smooth movement, super-fast spring changes for very short transitions, and the Ring-of-Fire for unlimited hand and foot placements.

The EVO allows us to perform Lagree movements with many options for modifications. Come in and try this revolutionary workout on the most advanced machine fitness can offer.