Will MegaFit help me lose weight?
Yes, when practiced regularly MegaFit will help with weight loss. The elements of strength training and muscle development will help to not only help with weight loss but change the shape of your body. The Lagree method at MegaFit creates musculature and tone, more muscle that is built the more calories burned each day, the intensity targeting the slow twitch muscle fibers in this workout will initiate a response in the body triggering fat burning. This fat burning continues to happen as the body recovers from each workout and allows the quickest and most effective total body toner.

Will MegaFit make me more flexible?
The MegaFit compound movements involve isometric exercises that stretch and lengthen each muscle while that muscle is actively working. This isometric movements allows for gains in flexibility and will make each muscle work to its full potential.

How many times a week should I do MegaFit?
MegaFit is made to be extremely efficient in the sense of the body and time. Each workout is at an intensity level to work the body to get maximum benefit in as little as 45 minutes. It is recommended to do the workout 2-3 times a week to start and allow for muscle recovery between classes. It is best to not come to class until muscles have been allowed sufficient rest to maximize results. MegaFit is made to make the most of your time and allow you to have to minimal workout time, it will stay challenging and always be a fun workout.

Do I need to other forms of exercise (cardio, weights, etc.) in addition to MegaFit?
MegaFit is a total body workout that incorporates every element needed to keep the body fit. It is not necessary to do additional cardio or weight training, however we encourage you to do as much physical activity as you would like, the body is not meant to sit idle and MegaFit will help to condition the body to be more effective in other forms of exercise.

How long will it take to see results from MegaFit?
You will feel the difference in your body after the first class, and continuous practice (3x/week) will get you results in as little as up to 2 weeks. The Lagree Fitness method at MegaFit has created one of the easiest ways to get in shape and combined with a healthy diet there is little limitation to getting a better body fast.

Who can do MegaFit?
MegaFit can be done by almost anyone, the Megaformer allows for modifications for every level of fitness.

What should I wear for an MegaFit class?
It is recommended to wear clothing allowing for movement without limitation. Form fitting clothing such as yoga pants/capris, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. Hair pulled back and out of the way, limited jewelry (nothing dangling) and it is advisable for men to wear bike shorts under their shorts. There are no shoes worn in class and it is required to wear grip socks which are available for purchase in the studio.

Will MegaFit help my back problems?
Yes, MegaFit can help to stabilize the core and help to support the back teaching you ways to strengthen and keep your back healthy.

Can I do MegaFit during pregnancy?
Yes, many movements can be done during pregnancy, there are some limitations such as core targeting exercises but your instructor will provide you with modifications and other movements to keep you in the best shape during your pregnancy. Please notify the instructor before class to get the maximum benefit.

Can I do MegaFit while injured?
MegaFit is very adaptable to most injuries, however it is a high intensity workout and you would need to notify your instructor before class. We do not recommend coming to class with any broken bones, or too soon after any surgery. If you have any further inquiries due to a specific circumstance feel free to contact us through our website www.MegaFitAz.com.