Originally from Israel; grew up and studied Engineering in New York. Moved to AZ in 2010.

I have 4 kids, and I love fitness of any kind – hot yoga; step aerobics; pilates; barre; cycling; running. But the Lagree Method at MegaFit is my favorite form of fitness.

I have a 200 hour Hatha Yoga certificate in 2011. I became Lagree Fitness Certified in 2014 after being a client since 2011.

The Lagree method builds long, lean muscles. So instead of bulking up – everything is tightened. As a former and current student, I love the way it tones and defines the body.
Another huge benefit is the stretching which is inherent in the technique. The flexibility built into our movements further enhances the ability to get the most out of the exercises.

The clients have seen me coming as a student; so they know I really believe in it.
Currently I only sub, however I like to have fun with it and hope that fun rubs off on the students and time flies while every body part gets “some love”.