I was born & raised in Mexico City where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Universidad Intercontinental. I have over 20 years of experience in the dance and fitness industry, performing in shows and participating in both dance and aerobic competitions. Placing 5th place in the National Aerobic Championship in Mexico City in 1994, placing first in the Aerobic Marathon, Terranova Country Club in Mexico City in 1993 and served as a judge at the Great Ecologic-Aerobic Marathon APAC in Mexico City in 1994. I’ve been teaching different fitness formats; Hi-Lo, Step, Slide, Kickboxing, Body Sculpt, Cardio Circuit, Zumba and Lagree Fitness classes.

I hold the following certifications:

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification

AFAA Personal Trainer Certification

AFAA Kickboxing Certification

Zumba Fitness License in diverse formats:

Zumba B1, Zumba B2, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Step & Zumba Strong

Lagree Fitness Certification on the Megaformer M1 machine.

I moved to United States in 1995 and continued my passion for fitness. I am a big promoter of achieving a lifetime commitment to fitness that includes cardio, strength training and flexibility. After teaching different fitness formats one day I was called to be a part of a new workout, which I knew nothing about. It was an honor and a great experience being certified by the creator of the Lagree Fitness Method, Sebastien Lagree. I had obtained my personal trainer certification already when I first tried it and it was a very humble experience, I just couldn’t believe the way my muscles were shaking! That’s the Lagree shake, which I have never seen happen in any other fitness format.

Regardless of the fitness format you do if you put in the effort, time and consistency you will always achieve great results. What I have witnessed teaching the Lagree Method is that results are achieved faster and clients actually notice a difference in their bodies as little as 2 weeks. People have realized they don’t need to spend hours at the gym to work all components of fitness. Cardio, strength, balance and flexibility are worked in each and every move in this 45min workout with compound exercises and fast transitions. Despite being an intense workout that is low impact and gentle on the joints.

I have trained professional athletes (If you have been to my classes you would know who), intermediates and beginners in the same class.  I provide modifications and variations to challenge hardcore professionals and beginners at the same time.  It’s very rewarding seeing beginners achieving progress so fast and become advanced which I will help you achieve with correction and patience. I am definitely a pusher which clients appreciate when they are about to throw the towel and I like to offer a different class every time. Always looking for new moves and I love creating combinations. My class although fast paced, is suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Fitness is part of my family’s daily routine. My husband enjoys running, spinning classes and hiking with our dogs. My daughter was a student at Ballet Arizona for 12 years & she was a competitive Figure Skater for 15 years. She’s currently a model for The Agency Arizona and has to meet very strict weight and appearance requirements following a rigorous nutritional and fitness discipline. MegaFit has been part of her fitness routine since we first opened and I love having her in class! The efficiency and the little time needed on this workout fits her busy college life. She likes it so much that she keeps bringing friends to try it and she’s even contemplating becoming Lagree certified.

That’s a little about my family and myself. I keep a very busy teaching schedule & when I get home sore and tired there’s nothing better than being welcomed with lots of kisses from my 6 furry babies, Lucy, Benny, Lucky, Hershey, Harley and Louis! They make those moments always better. Yes, I am a big fitness promoter and a crazy dog lady!