I grew up in Casa Grande, Arizona where I graduated from Vista Grande High School then received my Associates Degree from Central Arizona College. Currently, I attend Grand Canyon University to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. I have competed in the sport of Wrestling for over 10 years as well as other combat sports such as Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu.

My certifications include a Lagree Certification from the great Adam Maielua and Piper Michelle, and a Cycling Certification through Schwinn. With my background in wrestling, I currently coach high school wrestlers at Casa Grande Union High School.

The Lagree Method is an intense, low impact workout that will challenge any athlete of any level in just 45 minutes! Through my years of wrestling through high school and college, I have received injuries from a dislocated elbow to an Achilles tendon rupture. Thanks to the Megaformer and the MegaFit Studio, I have quickly bounced back from these injuries and now learned a safer way of pushing my body.

I have become very passionate about this workout and the challenge that comes with each class. Every routine is well prepared and practiced to ensure it will provide an efficient yet full body workout. I look to find new techniques and ways to challenge each client, no matter the level of fitness. I love the MegaFit Studio and Lagree Method because everybody is able to come together, regardless of their background, and embrace the shakes!